Where Can I Find After School Activities Information?

By | November 19, 2017

  • There is now an updated list that includes Mr. McHugh’s description of every activity, listed alphabetically by name.
  • Then there is another file, which is the schedule of when/where each activity takes place, and the staff member(s) who runs each activity.  This schedule is also listed alphabetically by name.
  • There is a link to the ACTIVITIES page on the FWMS facebook page, as well as in our FWMS Twitter feed
  • Here is the link to the ACTIVITIES page with all the new, updated info: http://fairfieldschools.org/schools/fwms/activities/
  • Announcements will continue to be made during lunch shifts and information will continue to be posted in the cafeteria
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.